The Competition

Project Hermes is a 1U cubesat development project and is ERFSEDS first satellite effort. Our team is in the design development phase and is participating in the SEDS SAT-2 competition, where the winning team will receive funding for launch and deployment into low earth orbit by NanoRacks and Astranis. Hermes' primary goals are to develop a ground station to track the satellite and to build a star tracker to be implemented for attitude determination.

Currently, the team is in the concept and proposal phase of the competition. The five-person crew is working to complete a document describing the teams skills and outline of the Cubesat's payload. This document will be submitted by May of this year, and the following Summer will mark the start of manufacturing.

Our Cubesat


Cubesat Size 1U, 10cm x 10cm
Chassis Pumpkin Space Skeletonized Frame
Payload Student Built Startracker
Proposal Due Date May 1, 2019