The focus of Prometheus is on researching and designing experimental solid rocket motors. Solid rocket motors are most commonly used in the industry as a booster on rockets and are also the most common type of propulsion for sport rocketry. Prometheus currently uses ammonium perchlorate composite propellant (APCP). Students who have joined this team not only gain experience designing and mixing APCP motors, but also gain first hand experience with data acquisition systems (DAQ) during test firings.

The project had a soft reboot in 2017, switching from sugar based propellant to APCP. The team since then have set up a DAQ and test stand for test burns and have confirmed characterizations on the propellant they currently use. Starting in Fall 2018, the team has also successfully started mixing larger motors for competition.The current largest motor successfully made had an impulse of 9800 N*s of impulse.

Currently the team is working on designing and mixing a sustainer motor for the competition rocket, Artemis. Prometheus is currently on track to begin mixing motors for all competition rockets from here on out. The current goal of the project starting in Fall 2019 will be design a pourable propellant and crawford strand burner.