Justus Bishop
Justus Bishop is a junior in Spaceflight Operations who became involved with ERFSEDS his freshman year. He was Safety Officer for the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year, and became Vice-President second semester. He's now working to ensure the club continues working to the best of its ability while teaching as many people as possible about high power rocketry.

Vice President

Tyler Neil
Tyler Neil is a Junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering on the astronautics track and is excited to be serving as ERFSEDS Vice President. He transferred to Embry-Riddle in Fall of 2019 from Bellevue College in Washington State. In the past Tyler worked heavily on project Hummingbird and has since moved on to working on project Hermes and Icarus. In the spring of 2019 Tyler served as ERFSEDS safety officer.


Brian Danaher
Brian Danaher is a sophomore at Embry-Riddle studying Aerospace engineering and computational mathematics. Brian joined ERFSEDS his first semester of college, and is currently the club treasurer. In the past he has been heavily involved on Pathfinder IX, and is currently working on Artemis, Icarus, Pathfinder X, and getting his level 2 high powered rocketry certification.

Chief Engineer

Justin Nauman
Justin Nauman is the Chief Engineer for ERFSEDS. Justin has been heavily involved in ERFSEDS since his freshman year. He is a junior who is studying Aerospace Engineering. In the past he was an active member of Project Hummingbird where he was a thread lead for the nose cone team. Along with ERFSEDS, Justin is part of the ERAU track and cross country teams and enjoys building his own high power rockets. He is currently level 3 high power certified through the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).


Jordyn Taylor
Jordyn Taylor is a junior in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in astronautics. Currently she's the Secretary for the club and working the Icarus project. Jordyn is also currently working on her L2 HPR Certification. She became interested in engineering after falling in love with rockets and the space program in high school.

PR Officer

Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson is a junior in Spaceflight Operations minoring in Human Factors and Aerospace Life Sciences. She has been a member of ERFSEDS since Fall of 2017 and has her L1 HPR certification. Abby is a member of the Artemis and Hermes projects. She hopes in the future to work in human spaceflight to study how systems are effected by extreme environments and how life develops in space.

Safety Officer

Micheal DiGiovanna
Michael DiGiovanna is a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering on the astronautics track and is proud to be serving as ERFSEDS Safety Officer. He transferred to ERAU in spring of 2019 after time spent working in the maritime and nuclear industries. Mike is now working on the Artemis, Icarus and Zephyr projects.

Project Leads

Icarus Lead

Leo Francoeur
Leo Francoeur is the current project manager of Icarus SpaceShot SR2, having taken over again after a year away. He is a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Astronautics. Leo has done extensive work on Pathfinders VI, VII, and VIII; he also served as ERFSEDS President (2017-2018) and Treasurer (2016-2017). In 2017 Leo restarted the Icarus SpaceShot program at Embry-Riddle and was the primary designer of the SR2 (Space Rocket 2) design. Leo has over a year of experience as a system software engineer with Collins Aerospace and will be transitioning to full-time employment with them following his graduation in May of 2020. Leo comes from Colchester, Connecticut and has known he wants to be an engineer since he was building Lego spaceships as a kid. Leo has been building rockets for half a decade and has a NAR Level 2 certification.

Artemis Lead

Byron Custer
Byron Custer is the current project lead of the Artemis Project. He is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Astronautics with a Physics minor. After coming to Embry-Riddle, he became heavily involved with Pathfinder VIII rocket, working primarily on the airframe structure and internals. Elected to lead Pathfinder IX, his team went on to get 2nd place at the FAR 1030 competition in Mojave California and was one of the most successful Pathfinder rockets in recent years. Hailing from Johnstown Pennsylvania, his passion for spaceflight comes from many nights stargazing as a kid, pondering the countless number of things yet to be discovered outside our little bubble of existence. When his FIRST Robotics team, Westytek, was started at his high school; he discovered his passion for engineering and decided to combine his love for spaceflight and engineering into becoming an Aerospace Engineer.

Hermes Lead

Payton Boliek
Payton is an computational mathmatics major with a minor in computer science. Along with ERFSEDS she is also involved in the National Society of Black Engineers and is the President for ERAU's Society for Applied Mathmatics. She has a huge interest in satellites and image science.

Gryphus Lead

Johnathan Grow
Jonathan Grow is a senior at Embry-Riddle studying aerospace engineering with a focus in astronautics. Originally from McLean, VA, Jonathan is the team lead of Gryphus and is also a propulsion intern at Rocket Crafters. He has been an active member in ERFSEDS since his first semester in 2016 and has also gotten his NAR Level 1 high power rocketry certification.

Prometheus Lead

Kaitlyn Bridge
Kaitlyn Bridge is a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in astronautics. She is the Prometheus team lead and has been a member of ERFSEDS since 2018. In addition to ERFSEDS she is also a member of the Society of Women Engineers.

Pathfinder Lead

Joedouglas Ashton
Joedouglas Ashton is an Aerospace Engineering major with a concentration in astronautics currently leading the Pathfinder X team. He has been a member since 2018. He has worked on the Pathfinder IX and the Artemis mkIV projects.

Zephyr Lead

Spencer Moore
Spencer is a sophomore in aerospace engineering with a focus in astronautics. He has been involved with ERFSEDS since his first semester freshman year and has worked on several of the projects such as Pathfinder IX, and Icarus, as well as helping with odds and ends of Gryphus. After a few exciting semesters at ERAU he now finds himself working as lead for Zephyr and is excited to continue working with such a great group of talented individuals.

Hummingbird Lead

Nick Butler
Nick is currently a junior in Spaceflight Operations with a minor in systems engineering. He has been a member of ERFSEDS and on Project Hummingbird since fall of his freshman year. He is currently level 1 certified with the NAR hoping to get his level 2 soon. He is also a member of the Spaceflight Sciences Policy and Operations Club on campus.